Repurpose Old Ventilation Equipment with Moffitt

If you’re having issues with your building ventilation, replacing equipment shouldn’t be your first step. Repairing or refurbishing the old equipment, instead of replacing it entirely, can often provide better results. Additionally, this will help you save lots of time and money compared to a total replacement. Moffitt can help you repurpose old ventilation equipment that you’ve already invested in to get the most out of your system.

Repurpose Old Ventilation Equipment

When designing a new ventilation system, Moffitt always looks at your current equipment first. A site inspection allows us to assess which equipment can be repurposed and which needs to be replaced. We never want to “throw out” equipment that can still be used.

We do this by dividing equipment into three categories; Equipment that needs to be repaired, equipment that needs to be refurbished, and equipment that needs to be replaced.


Repurpose old ventilation equipment
Moffitt Can Help You Repurpose Old Ventilation Equipment – With some new sheeting this old MoffittVent was made like new again.

Almost every day we get a call from someone asking us to repair their fans. While a building’s ventilation issues may be bigger than a broken fan or two, sometimes it really is that easy. From belts, to motors, to bearings, fans have many points of failure. Fortunately, the team at Moffitt has seen it all when it comes to fan repair.


Unlike repair, which consists of fixing things that are broken, refurbishing is making the equipment like new again. For instance a natural ventilator, like the MoffittVent, can be refurbished with new sheeting or updated components to make it work like new. Refurbishing equipment can save you a fortune. Instead of the time and money needed to install brand new equipment, a refurbish can often be done more quickly and easily.


When a piece of equipment is beyond repair or refurbish, it might be time to replace it. Equipment that no longer works might need to be totally removed so a new one can be installed. This can be due to the equipment’s age, a change in production that requires more ventilation, or needing to increase airflow throughout the space.

Replacement includes everything from swapping out louvers for more efficient models to adding new ventilators to supplement the warm air exhaust.

Bringing the Ventilation System Together

Once Moffitt has finished the plant inspection, we’ll make a recommendation on the new ventilation solution. This recommendation will point out which equipment can be repurposed, and what, if any, supplemental equipment is needed. Solutions often include a combination of the techniques above.

Our goal is always to utilize the equipment you already have installed. In addition to saving you time and money, this also reduces waste.

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