Steel Ventilation, the Natural Way.

Whether it is a huge vent that runs the entire length of the roof or a smaller unit over the hottest areas, every steel mill needs a natural ventilation solution. Finding the right ventilation solution for each facility, however, can be a challenge. Airflow, process details, plant size, and several other factors all effect how effectively the natural ventilation system will work.

Fortunately, Moffitt has the solution for that. If the plant is too hot, or the air is not moving enough, we start by asking two basic questions:

Steel Ventilation + Steel Mill
Steel Ventilation

Does Your Facility Have Sufficient Intake Air?

While a natural ventilator is critical for cooling a steel mill it is just as important to have sufficient intake air. Cool air coming in at the floor level forces the stifling air out through the ceiling. Without sufficient cool air intake, the air will not move fast enough to maximize ventilation.

The ventilation experts at Moffitt can look at your building, your heat load, and your current set-up to determine the optimal intake solution. It’s important to take the whole building into consideration whenever designing a ventilation system. This includes looking at the air that enters the building from open bays, doors, and wall louvers. Adding wall louvers can make an enormous impact on a steel mill’s ventilation.

Do You Need to Update Your Natural Ventilator?

When a ventilation system is first designed, the equipment is strategically placed to maximize airflow and exhaust. The ventilation designer will select the location of the unit depending how the air flows over the machine and exhausts through the ventilator. Even minor changes in the equipment layout can have an enormous impact.

While a plant may have had a perfect ventilation system when it was built, small changes can have a big effect on the building’s temperatures. Moving equipment will change how air flows through the building, while adding equipment will add extra heat sources. When either of these things happen, reevaluating and updating your ventilation system should be the next step. Sometimes that step involves a lot more equipment, sometimes it just requires adding a single ventilator. Fortunately, Moffitt can help determine what you need.

Steel Ventilation from Moffitt

If your plant is hotter than it needs to be then it’s time to update your ventilation system, give Moffitt a call. Since 1961 we have provided natural ventilation solutions to plants of all shapes and sizes. Our team has provided natural ventilation solutions to steel plants, mills, foundries, and forges all around the world. Call us today and we can help you find a ventilation solution for your facility.