Ventilation Cost Comparison Infographic

The right natural ventilation solution can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating costs every year. And that’s on top of the initial hidden expenses. Curbs, installation, and wiring are all required when installing an exhaust fan system. See for yourself how powered ventilation really stacks up against powered ventilation with our ventilation cost comparison infographic.

ventilation comparison infographic

Customers will often buy fans because they don’t know of any other option. They know fans spin and make spaces cooler so that’s what they choose. Even when they learn about the greater cooler impact of natural ventilation, they choose fans because their familiar. When they see the price difference however, it’s a whole different story.

Depending on the system natural ventilation is often a lower first cost. A few MatrixVent™ or TraidVent ventilators may be similar in cost or even more affordable than the equivalent number of fans. The real benefit comes into play over time though. A natural ventilator has no moving parts and requires no electricity. There are no belts to maintain or gears to replace. These costs add up year over year, resulting in an enormous difference three, four, and five years later.

Ventilation Cost Comparison Infographic

We’ve created the Ventilation Cost Comparison Infographic to help make the difference clearer. For anyone considering natural ventilation, or anyone considering spending more money on powered ventilation, it’s a must see.

See how the costs would compare in your plant for yourself with our cost calculator. The Cost Calculator app can show you exactly how much you can save for your building by switching to Natural Ventilation. Simply input the initial desired CFM and you’ll see how the costs match-up over time.

Moffitt Powered Ventilation

We know there’s many reasons to go with a powered system. Whether it’s a limited budget for upfront costs or restrictions on building renovations, there’s lot of good reasons to choose powered fans. In those cases, we can help you develop the best powered ventilation system possible for your building. Contact the team at Moffitt today to get started on your natural ventilation or powered ventilation system design today.