New Powered Ventilation Products

This fall, Moffitt is officially debuting three new powered ventilation products. These join our Streamline collection of powered ventilation solutions. Each of these fans is ideal for circulating air throughout the work area in a commercial or industrial setting. These fans new powered ventilation products provide significant relief to employees working on assembly lines, around racking systems, or in loading areas.

Moffitt GulfStream fan new powered ventilation products
GulfStream Spot Cooling Air Circulating Fan


The first new fan is the GulfStream air circulating unit. This fan provides an even stream of air around the warehouse or work area. These devices are often called “spot-cooler” fans. That is because they focus a high-velocity jet of air directly on factory personnel. They mount directly onto a wall or support column to better direct the air to where it’s needed.

The GulfStream is more effective than a comparable pedestal fan. It can cool a larger area and more workers at once. Often at great velocity. Anyone standing in front of the GulfStream can say goodbye to their stagnant, humid workstation with a steady stream of air.

new powered ventilation produts megastream low speed fan
MegaStream High Volume Low Speed Fan


Next, we have the MegaStream. Think of this as a large ceiling fan that, instead of circulating air in your bedroom, can circulate air throughout your entire warehouse. If you have a ceiling fan in your house, you know the power of the evaporative cooling firsthand.

The MegaStream is what is known as a high-volume low speed (HVLS) fan. These units are gaining popularity in commercial and industrial spaces because of their impact and efficeincy. They are ideal for providing air movement at ground level, while also requiring little to no energy. Furthermore, the low-speed operation means ensures that it operate quietly at less than 35 dBA.

The MegaStream installs easily onto ceilings as low as twelve feet. If you are looking for a quick, low-cost solution for circulating air in your space, look no further than the MegaStream.

New Powered Ventilation Products, JetStream hanging air circulating fan
JetStream Hanging Circulator Fan


Lastly, we come to the JetStream hanging circulator fans. JetStream fans introduce large volumes of air into tight spaces like corners or between storage racks. The tube-shaped air tunnel concentrates the flow of air, allowing it to travel farther into tight spots that normally get little airflow.

Hanging circulator fans like the JetStream are high-capacity, economical, easy to install, and simple to maintain. They are ideal for manufacturing, warehouses, equipment rooms, distribution centers, and more.

A JetStream fan hangs from the ceiling by chains, so it is extremely easy to install. Furthermore, you can easily take it down and relocate it if required. This comes in handy when it’s time to move the racking systems or production stations. Made of galvanized steel, each unit uses a 1.5 HP motor to move 21,700 CFM of air.

New Powered Ventilation Products

While Moffitt is known as the natural ventilation company, we actually specialize in providing ventilation solutions. Whether you have a big facility that needs a specially designed Hybrid Ventilation system, or you simply need some circulating fans to cool your work area, we can help. Call your District Solutions Provider today to help you determine which of our new powered ventilation products is right for your work area.