Powered Ventilation

23Jun 2013

The Moffitt Hooded Roof Exhaust Fan is perfect for moderate pressure environments. These roof exhaust fans are powerful, reliable, and highly customizable to best suit your building’s needs. With Moffitt Corporation you don’t have to settle for a fan that is “close enough”. We strive to find you the ideal ventilation solution for your facility.

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12Jun 2013

Choosing ventilation systems for a plant or factory can be an extremely major decision when designing a new building or repurposing an old one. A building’s ventilation system will have a major impact on the interior temperature, humidity, noise level, airborne dust, and many other elements within the facility. Proper ventilation will also help maintain

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11Dec 2012
ideal aluminum PressureSteram roof fan

Maintain the health and durability of your building by choosing the right powered ventilation fan for your facility. Choosing the correct building fan is responsible for making sure that the facility has sufficient and consistent airflow. There are several factors that must be considered when choosing a building fan. Placement of the Building Fan The

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