27Jul 2015

This Forge Ventilator Testimonial is the best way to see how natural ventilation can work miracles. Plant Operations Manager Tom Verlihay tells us how Moffitt ventilators made his building cooler and more comfortable overnight. Metal Forge Testimonial Interview In this short testimonial, Tom Verlihay discusses how he saw a temperature drop almost immediately after the

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16Sep 2014

Watch our new video to see why Steel Mill construction manager Jim Bell chooses Moffitt ventilators for every project. Watch this Steel Mill Ventilator Testimonial and learn how Moffitt can make your plant cooler and more comfortable. Since Moffitt has been doing this for over 55 years, we’re the de facto leader in steel mill

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23Nov 2012
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A Ventilator That Can Withstand a Hurricane A low-profile natural ventilator was a sound investment for Evonik Stockhausen. This specialty chemical plant purchased several ventilators for their building. Shortly after installation, the units faced three days of intense wind and rain from Hurricane Isaac. At the end of the storm however, no water entered the

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