Model ST Hooded Ventilator

Model ST hooded natural ventilator

The Model ST natural ventilator hoods are designed for intake, or relief applications with either natural gravity or positive pressure systems. The ventilators feature a low silhouette, architecturally appealing styling to mount close to the roofline.

The result is minimum impact on the building silhouette. Available in galvanized steel (Model STG) or aluminum construction (Model STA). These hoods are designed to be strong enough to handle the snow loads found in the severest of climates.


Standard Features
  • Construction: ST
    • Galvanized Steel (STG)
    • Aluminum (STA)
  • Birdscreen: 1/2” mesh galvanized steel mesh for minimum air resistance.
  • Hoods: Most shipped assembled.
  • Sizes: Large range of sizes available


Optional Features
  • Extra strength construction (designed to withstand windspeeds of up to 100 mph)
  • Anti-condensate coating
  • 1/2″ Fiberglass insulation
  • Additional Bird or Insect Screens
  • Air dry enamel
  • Backdraft damper

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Product Mounting
The Model ST is mounted on the roof.