Model RS circular vent

Model RS circular gravity vent

The Model RS circular vent is an economical solution for roof ventilation. They provide continuous natural ventilation for industrial, commercial, institutional and government facilities. These vents are suited for warehouses, factories, schools, breweries, and more. The model RS conforms to the Army Corps of Engineers Bulletin CE 220.09 for gravity ventilators. They can withstand winds up to 85 miles per hour and are weatherproof and storm proof under all normal operating conditions.

  • Material:
    • Galvanized iron conforming to Specification QQ-1-716
    • Aluminum alloy sheets meeting #QQA359
  • Bird Screen
  • Bases:
    • Square
    • Round
  • Fusible Links
  • Duct Fan

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Product Mounting
The Model RS circular vent is designed for mounting on either a square or round base.