Make-Up Air Units

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Moffitt Direct Gas Fired Make-Up Air Units (MAU) introduce fresh, warm air into your building.

Workspaces and shipping areas are often cold. Open bay doors and temperature fluctuations often make for cold spaces. This becomes less of a problem with a Moffitt MAU as they start warming the space almost immediately after they are activated. Continuous air circulation mixes the air to maintain uniform room temperature. This increases the temperature in the building which improves worker comfort and eliminates condensation on stored materials.

Moffitt make-up air units are fitted with vibration isolators to ensure the quietest, smoothest, and most efficient operation possible.

To learn more about how a Make-Up Air Unit can improve temperature consistency in your facility, read our article on Industrial Make-Up Air Units and How They Work.

Standard Features
  • Construction: All-welded, double wall insulated. Spray foam bases on horizontal units.
  • Material:
    • Exterior: Painted over galvanized steel substrates
    • Interior: Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Control: Air flow switches, flame relays, and BACnet controls
  • Service: In-house Moffitt team that can handle all operations over the life of the system
Your System Specifications

Each Make-Up Air Unit is custom built for your facility to ensure maximum performance. Fill out the form below and we’ll help you find the ideal MUA unit for your facility.

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Product Testing and Certification
Moffitt MUA units tested to comply with industry standards
Product Mounting
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